Think Like a Big Company

Andrew Loos, co-founder of Attack!, has built a nationwide marketing agency from one broken party loft in Los Angeles. For entrepreneurs and small businesses, Andrew′s start is more than familiar to some. However, Andrew′s success since then is a dream held by most. This morning on the Washington Post, Andrew Loos gives some insight into his own mentality when growing his experiential marketing agency: think like a big company.

Entrepreneurs, start-up companies, and small businesses are faced with many limitations due to size, resources, and capabilities. However, Andrew argues that simply because something is not possible now, does not mean your company shouldn′t prepare or pursue it. Whether it is an exceptional person you would like to hire in the future or a creative business idea that isn′t currently appropriate, it is important to make room in the future for both.

Additionally, even if you are a small company without a target on its back, Andrew elaborates that it is beneficial to act like there is. Constantly keep tabs on your industry and competitors. Remain agile and flexible to change. Don′t be afraid of transforming to better accommodate your consumers or a different market. Most of all, don′t be afraid of acting big.

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