Costumed Characters: Mob



Locations: New York, NY

Energetic Attack! brand ambassadors headed out to the busy streets of New York City to help promote’s latest deals. A team of over 30 promotional models were decked out in costumes as they interacted with interested passers. Street teams encouraged consumers to visit the site and posed to take photos with fans of the site.

Costumed Characters: ComicCon “The Event”

Market: San Diego, CA

Attack! promotional brand ambassadors headed down to Southern California’s annual Comic Con to help promote NBC’s newest TV series, “The Event.” For three days, fifteen “Secret Service” brand ambassadors scattered throughout the convention, engaging attendees with “top secret” invitations. Street teams handed out invitations which  included promotional information on “The Event” show times and premiere.

Costumed Characters: Angelina Ballerina

Photo Credit: Life & Style Magazine

Markets: Las Vegas, NV; New York, NY.

Attack! costumed characters visited Las Vegas and NYC to promote children’s musical Angelina Ballerina.  In New York’s Central Park and at WNET Studios in Las Vegas, Angelina Ballerina entertained and promoted the upcoming musical amongst young groups of aspiring dancers.  Angelina was also on-hand to announce the partnership between the character and Katie Holmes’ Dizzy Feet charity at the Licensing International Expo.

Publicity Stunt: SugarCRM at DreamForce

Location: San Francisco, CA

Attack! sent brand ambassadors and costumed characters to DreamForce, a Salesforce sponsored conference at Downtown S.F.’s Moscone Center, to publicize SugarCRM, a Salesforce competitor. For two days during the event, four men dressed as business professionals wore impossible to miss billboard backpacks advertising a “mock book”, Behind the Smoke Screen: the untold story of how still manages to sell 1999 technology 10 years later.  Uniformed brand ambassadors were on hand to assist in passing out the books and all team members communicated key speaking points on SugarCRM services as attendees filed in and out of the conference.  In total, 1,000 hardcover books and close to 5,000 flyers were distributed.  As an added bonus, the stunt received coverage on (read full article here).

Social Media Campaign: Jamba Juice’s “Twitter Blitz”


Locations: New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento and San Diego

To extend the Jamba Juice street team campaign to online consumers and influencers, Attack! created a twitter account (@JambaJuiceLvr) and promoted the brand’s printable Feel Good Bucks to twitter influencers and users in six markets.  Street teams tweeted their locations in advance, updated live from the field with photos, and interacted with Jamba Juice fans to build  interest in-between street team deployments.  Within a 10 week period over 1,500 users were “following” the account and over 86,620 online impressions were made!

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Costumed Characters: Chiller TV Vampires at CTAM




Location: Denver, CO

Attack! sent their best and scariest to the Denver Convention Center to interact with attendees at the Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing convention.  Over three days, the group of 15 promoted Chiller TV, a new line of programming, to cable executives.   Attack! talent disguised as vampires stalked attendees entering and leaving the convention, giving their best vampire impersonations as their “handlers” passed out promotional materials.

Check out the Vampire promotional models video on YouTube.

Buzz Marketing: Jamba Juice



Locations: Los Angeles, CA; San Francisco, CA; San Diego, CA; New York City, NY; Seattle, WA; Chicago, IL; Sacramento, CA

Attack! sent brand ambassadors out across the nation to promote Jamba Juice’s tasty new food and tea items. Enthusiastic street teams and costumed characters hit the pavement running and handed out 600,000 coupons.   Street team efforts are continuing into the holiday season with distribution of Jamba’s Feel Good Bucks, offering consumers discounts on their favorite Jamba products and a chance to win $10,000.  Now that’s cool.

Costumed Characters: ActiveVos “Prisoners” at Open World Conference



Location:  San Francisco, CA

At this year’s Open World conference, Attack! street teams took S.F. by storm to promote ActiveVOS, a leading provider of technology solutions, and the company’s sponsored cocktail party.  Eight intimidating brand ambassadors dressed as prisoners to deliver the “freedom from lock-in” messaging to attendees.   The prisoners were a popular bunch, and numerous attendees posed for photos, which were later used as entries for iPod Nano drawings at the party!

Costumed Characters: XBox Squeeballs Promotion




Location: Los Angeles, CA

To promote the release of the Squeeballs video game and new action-activated sensors for XBox, Attack! took to the streets at the LA Convention Center. Brand ambassadors dressed up in life-size Squeeball costumes, handed out promotional flyers, and invited consumers to  line up for a chance to swing a tennis racket at the plush  toys (and take them home afterward!).  The street teams helped to create a fun environment with memorable experiences and lasting positive impressions for all involved. The event spanned three days and generated immeasurable buzz for Squeeball’s October 2009 release by distributing 1,000 plush toys and 1,700 flyers!

Costumed Sample Distribution: Lush’s Lushman Shaves the World!




Locations: Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Brandon, FL; Baton Rouge, LA; Los Angeles, CA; New York City, NY

Attack! saved the day once again by sending Lushman, the brand’s resident superhero, to Lush’s natural cosmetics stores nationwide. Lushman used his muscles and moves to create buzz about the company’s newest shaving cream.  In total, Lushman and Lush brand ambassadors distributed approximately 5,000 samples and 9,000 coupons to starstruck shoppers.