Northern Trust PGA: Promotional Brand Ambassadors


Brand-Ambassador-Northern-Trust-PGALocation: Los Angeles, CA; Orange County, CA

Attack! brand ambassadors visited 12 golf courses throughout Los Angeles to help promote the Northern Trust Open. Attractive, female PGA brand ambassadors distributed Northern Trust Open promotional giveaways and informational flyers. Interested golfers were encouraged to learn more and were informed on how to purchase tickets for the event.

Health Brand Ambassadors: Adidas Retail Promotion

Locations: New York, NY; Los Angeles, CA; Chicago, IL; San Francisco, CA; Washington, D.C.

Attack! brand ambassadors headed to local gyms in five major markets to help promote Adidas retail stores. Enthusiastic and engaging brand ambassadors distributed informational Adidas flyers and coupons. Gym members were encouraged to test the new Adidas Training Kit, complete with a jump rope, exercise band and pedometer.

Street Team Flyering: Flat Top Grill


Flat-Top-Grill-FlyeringLocation: Mishakawa, IN; Ann Arbor, MI

To promote the grand opening of a new restaurant, energetic Attack! brand ambassadors took over the streets of Mishakawa, IN and Ann Arbor, MI. Street teams visited local malls, colleges and residential areas to distribute flyers to college students, shoppers and passers-by. Brand ambassadors drove additional traffic to the store’s location by encouraging locals to try Flat Top Grill during their promotional grand opening.

In-Store Sampling: Holistic Select

Brand-Ambassadors-Holistic-SelectLocations: Saskatoon, SK; Brooklin, ONT; Victoria, BC; Oakville, ONT; Orleans, ONT; Toronto, ONT; Hamilton, ONT; Regina, SK; London, ONT; Mississaugua, ON

Attack! pet-friendly brand ambassadors headed out to local pet stores throughout Canada to help promote Holistic Select pet food. Energetic in-store demonstrators distributed Holistic Select coupons and brochures to interested pet parents and owners. Brand ambassadors engaged in conversation with shoppers, presenting key product points and answering pet care questions. Owners who were looking to shop for pets with special dietary needs were encouraged to try out Holistic Select, a natural pet food alternative.

Bi-lingual Brand Ambassadors: Comcast Flyering


bilingual-brand-ambassadorsLocation: San Francisco Bay Area, CA; New York, NY; Dallas, TX

Attack! bi-lingual brand ambassadors visited local retail stores targeting Hispanic populations to help promote Comcast’s cable network. Promotional street teams distributed flyers about Comcast Xfinity cable, internet and phone services to resident shoppers. Interested passers were encouraged to visit the Comcast website and stores to learn more about the available services and product.

Bi-Lingual Brand Ambassadors: Q Pay

Location: New York, NY; Dallas, TX; San Francisco, CA

Attack! bi-lingual brand ambassadors participated in a large scale  in-store promotion  to drive awareness of a payment card among the Hispanic demographic. Attack! teams visited stores in cities surrounding three metropolises: New York, Dallas and San Francisco. The friendly Spanish-speaking staff distributed branded shirts, free sample cards and informative flyers to local shoppers.

Street Team Staffing: Shop Smart, Ride BART


Locations: San Francisco, CA; Berkeley, CA; Oakland, CA

Attack! street teams headed to busy public transportation stations in the Bay Area to help promote BART services before the holidays. Enthusiastic brand ambassadors distributed BART postcards good for free transportation services in December. Promotional teams interacted with BART riders and encouraged commuters to use public transportation this holiday season.

Black Friday Street Teams: Carolina West Wireless Flyering

CWW Black Friday Brand Ambassadors

CWW Black Friday Flyer DistributionsLocation: Taylorsville, NC; Wilkes, NC; Lenoir, NC; Hickory, NC

To give shoppers a little extra energy on Black Friday, Attack! brand ambassadors visited local shopping centers to pass out treats and promote Carolina West Wireless (CWW) services. Street teams handed out cups of warm hot cocoa and donuts to early shoppers. Brand ambassadors on segways distributed informational flyers and postcards to interested passers. Street teams also headed to the parade in Taylorsville, NC to spread the word about CWW and distribute hot chocolate and coffee to attendees.

Promotional Models: TOMMY Street Teams


Tommy-Hilfiger-Brand-Ambassadors-Sampling-CouponsLocations: White Plains, NY; New York, NY; Georgetown, DC;

Attack! promotional models headed to local Tommy Hilfiger stores located in popular mall destinations to help promote the newest TOMMY clothing line. Energetic brand ambassadors interacted with shoppers, encouraging them to learn about the new line. Promotional spokesmodels dressed in TOMMY gear distributed the Zine, a miniature magazine featuring TOMMY products and lifestyles. Promotional coupons were also attached to each Zine for shoppers to enjoy!

Street Marketing: Bloomberg October

Location: New York, NY; Stamford, CT; Boston, MA; Washington, DC

Animated Attack! street teams invaded the streets of New York, Stamford, Boston and Washington to help promote Bloomberg’s Terminal Stock User Guide.  Brand ambassadors interacted with passers-by, introducing Bloomberg products while handing out  informational flyers and branded lanyards.