Flash Mob: Whisky Scavenger Hunt

[vimeo vimeo.com/13655172]
Location: New York City, NY; Chicago, IL

Attack! sent out a flash mob of “Lost Explorers” in New York and Chicago on May 18, 2010 to coincide with the launch of a popular whisky’s online scavenger hunt. Over 200 actors flooded the streets, dressed in explorer khakis and hats, asking nearby pedestrians for help with treasure maps.  At the treasure location, Attack! bongo drummers filled the air with percussion beats leading up to the big treasure “excavation” that captured nearby attention and crafted much public buzz for the online scavenger hunt campaign.

Flyer Distribution: Commuter Nation



Locations: New York, NY; Washington, D.C.

Attack! sent street teams to NYC and Washington D.C. to get the word out on Commuter Nation’s program to promote savings, tax relief, environmental benefits and personal wellness. The brand ambassadors visited bustling subway stations during peak traffic times to explain how commuters could benefit from signing up for the government-provided services. Commuters were excited to hear how they could receive discounts for their travels AND help the environment. Over 42,000 flyers were distributed overall!

Mock Protest: Horizon Media’s “Yes on 23″



Location: Henderson, NV

Attack! teamed with Horizon Media to stage a mock rally in front of the zappos.com headquarters just outside of Las Vegas.   Promotional talent, armed with wooden pickets and wearing bright shirts emblazoned with “yeson23.net” messaging formed an energetic, lively crowd.  Protestors were instructed keep their lips sealed on the nature of the cause, and focused on directing traffic to the site.  Once at the yeson23.net, it became clear that the protest was done on behalf of Horizon Media, one of many agencies up for review with the company (#23 on the review list).

Online Marketing: BBC DanceWars takes it to the ‘Net

Attack! built a non-traditional online campaign for the British Broadcasting Corporation’s (BBC) newest primetime ABC show, Dance War: Bruno versus Carrie Ann. Attack! helped increase exposure and excitement surrounding the show by infiltrating key social networking sites, blogs, message boards and consumer boards. Concentrated efforts were made to contact online influencers, including bloggers and message board administrators, to provide them with Dance War information, links, multimedia and swag.


Viral Marketing: Gwen Stefani’s Viral Video


Location: The World Wide Web

To promote Gwen Stefani’s Sweet Escape album, Attack! promoted a Verizon viral video to drive traffic to the ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ website. The videos were viewed 1.3 million times, featured on 58 websites, mentioned in over 60 blogs and ranked #9 in favorite videos on YouTube for that day!

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