Malibu Rum on Halloween

Experiential marketing with Malibu Black Rum Liquor Promotion. Consumer engagement involved.

A portrait of the how the liquor was prepared in the experiential activation. The placement and premium distributions allowed trial and consumer engagement.

Brand ambassadors distributing liquor samples through consumer engagement

Brand Ambassadors and promotional models recorded thoughts and feelings of samplers who tried the Malibu Black Rum samples.


Attack! teams up with Malibu Rum to promote Malibu Black Rum in several cities of Connecticut for liquor promotions. Brand ambassadors focused on consumer engagement at these events, while they gathered the thoughts and feelings of the samples that were being distributed. The night life crowd embraced the power of the rum, which were accompanied by festive Halloween brand premiums like black beaded necklaces, and posters for decoration.

Placemat Distribution: Nickelodeon’s ‘Story Time’

Location: New York City, NY; Northern New Jersey, NJ

Attack! teams were sent into the field to promote Nickelodeon’s live show, ‘StoryTime’, by distributing 50,000 placemats in healthy family restaurants throughout Manhattan and northern New Jersey. Restaurants received placemats in two distribution waves, and Attack! staff worked with venue managers to ensure the mats were used during targeted dates.  Thousands of East Coast families were able to read about the show while dining, giving ‘StoryTime’ valuable exposure.