Permission-Based Outdoor Postering: Heineken Beer


Locations: Chicago, IL; New York City, NY

Attack! street teams helped promote Heineken’s INSPIRE events in Chicago and New York City. Promotional posters were posted with wheat paste on walls surrounding high-foot traffic locations. The large ads attracted pedestrian eyes and helped create prominence for the  Heineken events running in each city.

Outdoor Postering: F-The Recession

Location: New York City, NY; Los Angeles, CA

Chandelier Creative collaborated with the Parsons New School for Design in New York City to promote the Morgans Hotel Group during these economically challenging times. Using slogan “F*** the Recession,” the plan was to encourage risk taking as a way to combat the downturn. Attack! sent postering teams out to hundreds of locations across NYC and L.A. to place outdoor posters. In addition, Attack!’s guerrilla projectionists played the campaign’s sizzle reel in popular nightlife districts over a three-day weekend.

Film Release Promotion: The Last International Playboy




Locations: Seattle and Boston

Over three days in two cities Attack! street teams got the word out about independent film The Last International Playboy.  Postering teams placed 500 posters throughout the cities and interacted with young, hip crowds around popular theaters to raise interest in the approaching premiere date.  In addition to posters, the teams distributed postcards and directed consumers to the film’s interactive website.

Buzz Marketing: NBA Live 2009



Locations:  Sacramento, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Chicago, Phoenix, Boston, Culver City, New York

To create buzz for the 2009 NBA Live Challenge Events, Attack! brand ambassadors took it to the streets and passed out flyers in 11 different cities.  Brand ambassadors also posted posters on college campuses, in malls and at various hot spots around town.  The street marketing initiative brought fans and players out to the NBA Live Challenge games in record numbers.  Over 10,000 flyers and 2,000 posters were distributed!

Mobile Service Marketing: T-Mobile Carolinas



Locations:  Columbia, SC; Charlotte, NC; Raleigh-Durham, NC; Greensboro, NC; Greenville, SC; Myrtle Beach, SC

To celebrate the arrival of T-Mobile service in the Carolinas, T-Mobile closed down streets in two key Carolina cities to host free, open-aired concerts for Carolina residents via a Mobile Marketing Tour.  Attack! promotional staff blanketed the selected cities with table-tents, posters and flyers prior to the event, and managed in-store promotions for customers to receive VIP tickets.   On event day, the reliable Attack! staff served as T-Mobile brand ambassadors, distributing promotional materials, hosting the VIP winners, and ensuring attendees were having a rockin’ time.

Beverage Sampling: POM Wonderful at Fleet Week

POM-Tea-Event-Marketing-at-Fleet-Week in San Francisco


To promote the delicious beverage company POM Wonderful, Attack! activated a two day sampling program during Blue Angels’ Fleet Week in San Francisco.   On the event weekend, stellar Attack brand ambassadors poured samples and passed out bottles of POM Wonderful as SF natives and visitors gathered to watch the show.  Nearly 7,000 samples and 3,000 8oz bottles were distributed!

Guerrilla Marketing: Tony Hawk T-Mobile Sidekick




Locations: New York, Houston, Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Chicago, St. Louis, Denver, Seattle, Irvine, Mountain View and San Diego

To increase consumer demand for the new Tony Hawk Sidekick, Attack! sent street teams into 14 cities across the country. In each city, the teams spent four days canvassing malls, skateparks, skate shops and other high-traffic locations with promotional materials advertising T-Mobile in-store events. In total, over 20,000 posters and flyers were distributed. Following the in-store event, the all-star street teams headed to Tony Hawk’s “Boom Boom HuckJam”, a T-Mobile sponsored action sports tour. Brand ambassadors engaged consumers with skate-themed games and giveaways, creating a fun environment where they delivered key product and brand messages.