Flyer Distribution: Bobbi Brown’s Secret of the Universe

Location: New York, NY; Boston, MA; San Francisco, CA; Chicago, IL; San Diego, CA

 Attack! Brand Ambassadors visited five major markets nationwide to help promote Bobbi Brown’s brand new cosmetic concealer line. Street teams brought delight and excitement to passerbys by handing out Bobbi Brown branded totes and giveaways. Street teams distributed informational flyers to interested consumers and delivered key speaking points to educate fans about the Secret of the Universe Concealer.


Buzz Marketing: Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules


Location: New York City, NY

Attack!’s  energetic and outspoken Brand Ambassadors hit the streets of NYC to distribute branded handouts and postcards from the well known international cosmetics company, Bobbi Brown. The mission was to perform an Out-of-Home marketing campaign to promote and create buzz around their new book launch in September, Beauty Rules. The book, which is geared towards tweens, teens, and twenties, was the cause of a lot of excitement in Rockefeller Plaza .

Street Team Marketing: Men’s Wearhouse Suit Drive



Locations: New York, NY; Chicago, IL; San Francisco, CA; Washington, DC

Attack! promotional models headed out to busy city streets in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Washington D.C. to help promote the Men’s Wearhouse National Suit Drive.  The suit drive collects donated dress clothes to give to those in need of formal attire. Brand ambassadors held large display posters and created buzz around the program dressed in only boxer shorts and a tie. The annual suit drive will be running throughout September with the goal of collecting 100,000 donated suits by the end of the month.

Permission-Based Outdoor Postering: Heineken Beer


Locations: Chicago, IL; New York City, NY

Attack! street teams helped promote Heineken’s INSPIRE events in Chicago and New York City. Promotional posters were posted with wheat paste on walls surrounding high-foot traffic locations. The large ads attracted pedestrian eyes and helped create prominence for the  Heineken events running in each city.

Premium Distributions: Bloomingdale’s Santa Monica

Markets: Los Angeles, CA

Attack! promotional brand ambassadors headed to high foot traffic locations surrounding Santa Monica to help get the word out about Bloomingdale’s Grand Opening. Street team members distributed branded goodies to Farmers Market and Promenade visitors. While engaging with consumers, promotional team members passed out informational flyers to help promote the newest retail location.

Street Sampling: Pretty Powerful

Markets: New York, NY; NYC

Attack!’s crew of outgoing brand ambassadors hit the streets of NY to help promote the well known international cosmetic company, Bobbi Brown. Promotional spokesmodels raised awareness about the cosmetic’s newest Pretty Powerful Campaign. Street teams successfully distributed branded Bobbi Brown handouts and postcards throughout high foot traffic locations .

SMS Projections: Downtown L.A. Art Walk

Location:  Los Angeles, CA

Attack! teamed up with Mosio, a mobile text messaging software and solutions agency, to pull off a text messaging guerrilla projections stunt in downtown Los Angeles.  Watch the video below to see the user generated banter between Paris Hilton, Mayor Antonio Villaraigossa and Kobe Bryant.  All dialogue was created by L.A. pedestrians and commuters solely through text message interaction.

Sidewalk Advertising: Tate Flooring

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Attack! Street Teams and Actors were at the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in Phoenix to promote Tate Access Floors’ sustainable raised flooring .  The actors performed three minute skits on the benefits of raised access floors while brand ambassadors directed attendees to Tate’s booth at the conference.

Branded Italian Ice Carts: Orignial Penguin SoHo Grand Opening




Location:  New York, NY

The classic apparel brand Original Penguin opened a new retail location in SoHo, and handsome Attack! brand ambassadors were on-hand to help celebrate.  Two brand ambassadors manned branded Italian Ice Carts in the store’s trendy neighborhood, sharing the refreshing iced treats with passersby. Each treat was given alongside a promotional card, redeemable at the new Original Penguin store.  The carts served close to 2,500 servings over the four-day execution.

Flyering: Whole Foods Market



Location: New York, NY

Attack! street teams were sent to busy intersections and high traffic commuter hubs to distribute Whole Foods promotional coupons to New York City residents.  The teams directed traffic to surrounding Whole Foods locations and shared smiles and info on the popular chain’s new offerings.