Flyer Distribution: Commuter Nation



Locations: New York, NY; Washington, D.C.

Attack! sent street teams to NYC and Washington D.C. to get the word out on Commuter Nation’s program to promote savings, tax relief, environmental benefits and personal wellness. The brand ambassadors visited bustling subway stations during peak traffic times to explain how commuters could benefit from signing up for the government-provided services. Commuters were excited to hear how they could receive discounts for their travels AND help the environment. Over 42,000 flyers were distributed overall!

Buzz Marketing: Dude, where’s my Bailout Wine?





Location:  San Francisco, CA

Crushpad, a winery in Napa that enables people to make their own luxury-class wines,  recently launched their 2007 Cabernet,   Bailout Wine.  The bottle is priced at $39, but for every 100 point drop in the DOW from the date of purchase to the bottling date in August, Crushpad promises to send customers a $2 economic stimulus check.  Hoping to ease market volatility woes, local Attack! Brand Ambassadors faced the crisp San Francisco holiday breeze in Union Square for five hours wearing nothing but a 50 pound wine barrel.  They distributed flyers, engaged shoppers, amused spectators, and created much needed buzz for Bailout Wine.

Bridal Marketing: Modern Bride



Location:  Chicago, IL

Over a weekend in November, Modern Bride treated the women of Chicago to 3,000 hot pink carnations.  Attack! brand ambassadors used the flowers  to promote an upcoming “Girls Night Out” event by tagging each flower with event information.  The Attack! teams painted the town pink by targeting women  at bridal boutiques, departments stores, nail salons,  and spas.

Event Marketing: SKATE DAY!


Location: Tampa, San Diego, Los Angeles, and New York City

To promote, an interactive skateboarding website, Attack! sent youthful and energetic staff to skate parks nationwide on “Go Skateboarding Day”, the official international holiday of skateboarding. Attack street teams stenciled the website’s logo on and around busy skate parks, distributed premiums, and gave stoked skaters the lowdown on the site.


Guerilla Marketing: Vespa- Maybelline Wedding in NYC!


Location: New York City
teamed up with Conde Nast Bridal Media, Maybelline and Vespa for a wedding-themed publicity stunt in Manhattan. A costumed bride and groom cruised the streets of Manhattan on a spankin’ new Vespa scooter, giving out nearly 3,000 samples of Maybelline lipstick and 3,000 promotional postcards. The bride and groom, alongside a bridesmaid and a groomsman, gathered thousands of entries for a sweepstakes to win a 2008 Vespa.


College Marketing: DarkWatch: Campus Infiltration


Locations: Over 20 college campus

To promote the new video game ‘DarkWatch‘, Attack! executed a college campus marketing campaign that included static stickering, postering and over 2,000 sidewalk stencils! On-campus launch parties hosted by spokesmodels and emcees drew throngs of students in to play the game and compete for game consoles.