Publicity Stunt: SugarCRM at DreamForce

Location: San Francisco, CA

Attack! sent brand ambassadors and costumed characters to DreamForce, a Salesforce sponsored conference at Downtown S.F.’s Moscone Center, to publicize SugarCRM, a Salesforce competitor. For two days during the event, four men dressed as business professionals wore impossible to miss billboard backpacks advertising a “mock book”, Behind the Smoke Screen: the untold story of how still manages to sell 1999 technology 10 years later.  Uniformed brand ambassadors were on hand to assist in passing out the books and all team members communicated key speaking points on SugarCRM services as attendees filed in and out of the conference.  In total, 1,000 hardcover books and close to 5,000 flyers were distributed.  As an added bonus, the stunt received coverage on (read full article here).

Tradeshow Marketing: Agenda Fashion Tradeshow




Location: San Diego, CA

Attack! provided limo services from the surf/ skate industry’s largest tradeshow, Action Sports Retail, to the nearby Agenda fashion show.  Attack brand ambassadors familiar with  action sports culture gave tradeshow attendees the “star treatment” as they guided them to waiting limousines.  The Attack! staff made sure everyone felt like a V.I.P. and successfully packed the Agenda fashion show floors!