Costumed Characters: HBO Boardwalk Empire



Locations: New York, NY

Attack! sent promotional brand ambassadors and actors into Manhattan to help promote HBO’s newest series Boardwalk Empire. Professional actors and actresses dressed up as the show’s characters and performed short skits for interested passersby. Each skit was performed in a themed Bloomingdales window set portraying different scenes from the 20′s era in NYC.

Flash Mob: Whisky Scavenger Hunt

Location: New York City, NY; Chicago, IL

Attack! sent out a flash mob of “Lost Explorers” in New York and Chicago on May 18, 2010 to coincide with the launch of a popular whisky’s online scavenger hunt. Over 200 actors flooded the streets, dressed in explorer khakis and hats, asking nearby pedestrians for help with treasure maps.  At the treasure location, Attack! bongo drummers filled the air with percussion beats leading up to the big treasure “excavation” that captured nearby attention and crafted much public buzz for the online scavenger hunt campaign.