Ambassador’s bring out the chocolates in Newark, New Jersey

In Newark, New Jersey Attack! Marketing projects Ferrero Rocher’s seasonal holiday chocolate product launch. Brand Ambassadors served as in-store demonstrators educating shoppers of different variations of the holiday favorite to consumers, while collecting feedback on which selection they desired most. The people of New Jersey got to taste the sweet sensation of, as they say in French, chocolat. Brand Ambassadors



Going once! Going Twice!

Attack! sent Brand Ambassadors to courthouses around the country to attended auctions for street marketing where they were able to meet and engage with consumers.  People in attendance received promotional materials for a popular auction site and gained more information from knowledgeable  brand ambassadors!

Florida Street Teams: Brand Ambassadors

[Location: Palm Beach, FL; Boca Raton, FL]

Attack! Brand Ambassadors hit the streets again! This time, they went to the Sunshine State to spread some knowledge about exciting penthouse property.   In order to ensure that the ideal clientele was reached, they went to high traffic, upscale shopping and dining areas for street marketing of the lavish properties. Brand Ambassadors engaged with passersby and distributed brochures and flyers.

Brand Ambassadors: Pea Pod Stop & Shop

Location: New York, New York

Attack! Brand Ambassadors were in the gift-giving mood on the busy streets of Manhattan, New York to promote the Pea Pod Stop & Shop.  Street teams handed out complimentary water bottles, pens and various branded paraphernalia to promote the new online and grocery shopping service.  Brand ambassadors answered any questions the interested passersby had and got some happy snaps of the New Yorkers decked out with their new swag.

Brand Ambassadors: Macy’s Great American Elf Adventure


Locations: New York, NY; Jackson, MS; Los Angeles, CA; Omaha, NE; Detroit, MI; Little Rock, AR; Greenville, SC; DeMoines, IA; El Paso, TX; Anchorage, AK

This year will mark the 85th anniversary of Macy’s annual Thanksgiving Day Parade and with the help of Attack! brand ambassadors and SMILE (social media in live events) the iconic retailer has given its fans a chance to design the next Macy’s Parade Elf Balloon. Street events consisting of mobile billboards, street teams and Macy’s “Décor Stations”  were used in high-traffic areas to spread awareness about the online contest.

With their savvy experiential marketing skills, Attack!’s brand ambassadors fostered an environment of creativity and excitement throughout the nation. They evoked the inner-artist in passersby by providing Macy’s branded supplies for participants to design their very own contribution to the contest!

Social Media In Live Events: EvriThing Baseball

Location: San Francisco, CA (Pete’s Tavern)

With the help of Attack! brand ambassadors and SMILE (social media in live events), Evri was able to cause a stir at Pete’s Tavern in San Francisco for the launch of their new iPhone and Android application, EvriThing baseball. The venue was conveniently located across the road from AT&T Park , home to thousands of die-hard baseball supporters. The brand ambassadors made easy work of giving away free beer with every download of the application. Branded T-shirts and flyers with QR codes directed frenzied guests straight to the application resulting in hundreds of downloads and an instant following. What’s not love  for baseball fans, an application that gives you the latest news, scores and updates for all things baseball!

Branded Hotel Keycards: California Academy of Sciences

Location: San Francisco, CA

With the help of Attack! brand ambassadors, the famous California Academy of Sciences (CAS) at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco was able to promote and create buzz around their new summer exhibition. Street teams distributed 40,000 branded hotel key-cards to 40 of the top tourist hotels around the San Francisco area. The brand ambassadors were able to snap some great photos with the affiliated hotel staff and guests proving an effective circulation of the CAS promotional materials.

Brand Ambassadors: Nesquik – Bay to Breakers 2011

Location: San Francisco, CA

The prestigious Bay to Breakers marathon celebrated its 100th anniversary blockading the streets of jam-packed San Francisco. In accordance with this special event, Attack! brand ambassadors including the Nesquik Bunny and Nesquik Bottle mascots handed out delicious samples to thirsty race participants. The impressively sized street team cheered on the competitors creating plenty of attention, snapping  a bunch of promotional photographs with fans and helping to spread the good word about the Nesquik product.

Street teams: Gunk “It Cleans”

Location: Bristol, TN; Boston, MA; Charlotte, OH; LasVegas, NV; Myrtyle Beach, SC; Pontiac, MI

Attack!’s energetic brand ambassadors hit the streets of five major markets to help the ‘Gunk’ brand create buzz around their line of popular automotive care products. The campaign created a WOW factor by offering complimentary windshield cleanings demonstrating the wonders of using the Gunk products. The ‘Gunk’ street teams specifically raided automobile events, biker events, car shows and high traffic retailer locations to target the audience directly. Flyers with extra information about the product line were also handed out to customers that wanted to learn more.

Attack! attends Event Marketing Summit 2011

Location: Chicago, Illinois

The Attack! team recently made their way to Chicago to meet the incredible people that make up the industry at the Event Marketing (EM) Summit 2011. There was plenty of energy, great conversations and connections made during the EM Summit making it a truly worth while journey.   For people that visited the booth the team handed out sumo squishy, bottles of sake and limited edition Attack! t-shirts, not to mention the fantastic prizes including the new iPad 3 (No, this is not a typo)!  Booth guests were also able to get their photo taken with Byamba, Five times Sumo World Champion.

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