Street Team Sampling: vitaminwater



Locations: Miami, FL; Los Angeles, CA; Cape Cod, MA

Attack! brand ambassadors helped promote vitaminwater’s latest flavors at local beaches in Florida, California, and Massachusetts. Street teams, armed with large coolers, distributed bottle samples of the popular drink to resident beach-goers. Promotional street team members interacted with passersby to help create new buzz around the newest flavor of Vitamin Water Zero.

Street Teams: Boost Mobile



Locations: Washington DC, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Chicago, New York, Detroit, Boston

To promote Boost Mobile’s new 50/50 plan, Attack! visited seven cities with picket-style signs, informational flyers, and energetic brand ambassadors.  The Attack! team directed consumers to nearby Boost Mobile stores and shared key product points with those interested for three days in each market.  In total, over 70,000 flyers were distributed!

Buzz Marketing: NBA Live 2009



Locations:  Sacramento, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Chicago, Phoenix, Boston, Culver City, New York

To create buzz for the 2009 NBA Live Challenge Events, Attack! brand ambassadors took it to the streets and passed out flyers in 11 different cities.  Brand ambassadors also posted posters on college campuses, in malls and at various hot spots around town.  The street marketing initiative brought fans and players out to the NBA Live Challenge games in record numbers.  Over 10,000 flyers and 2,000 posters were distributed!

Buzz Marketing: The Face Shop on the Today Show!



Locations: Omaha, NB; Minneapolis, MN; Milwaukee, WI; San Francisco, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Chicago, IL; Portland, OR; Las Vegas, NV; New York, NY; Kansas City, KS; San Diego, CA; Atlanta, GA; Seattle, WA; Miami, FL; Denver, CO; Phoenix, AR; Dallas, TX; Austin, TX; Houston, TX; Orlando, FL.

Attack! Brand Ambassadors have been driving awareness and creating buzz all over the nation for The Face Shop’s new mask sheet, now available at Walgreens. Brand Ambassadors can be spotted distributing postcards and mask sheets at local hot spots near you in 21 markets. At the end of the promotion, nearly 115,000 mask sheets and 100,000 cards will have been distributed. Check out the recently featured mask sheet, along with other beauty product picks, on The Today Show!

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Event Marketing: Cholula at the Ski and Snowboard Fest


Location: San Francisco, CA

At this year’s Ski and Snowboard Festival,  Attack brand ambassadors were on-site to get Cholula hot sauce in the mouths of festival attendees.  Snowboarders and bunnies alike were encouraged to taste “The Flavorful Fire”.   A pallet’s worth of individual Cholula bottles, plus 100 pounds of corn chips and over 500 cookbooks were distributed over a two day period.

Guerrilla Campaign: Medical Research Institute




Locations: Los Angeles, Boston and Austin

To introduce the Medical Research Institute‘s first ready-to-drink protein shake (Pro Nos) to fitness afficianados across America, Attack! conceptualized and executed a multi-market product introduction and promotion.  Fit, health-conscious staff were trained and sent to strategic gyms, health-clubs, GNC stores and special events.   An Attack! produced promotional video was displayed at all gyms, offering those interested in-depth product info.  Whether it be passing out samples in the weight room at 24 Hour Fitness or at a high-traffic GNC store, staff delivered product information and coupons to the the target demographic, boosting sales, product awareness, and brand loyalty.

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