In-Store Sampling: Holistic Select

Brand-Ambassadors-Holistic-SelectLocations: Saskatoon, SK; Brooklin, ONT; Victoria, BC; Oakville, ONT; Orleans, ONT; Toronto, ONT; Hamilton, ONT; Regina, SK; London, ONT; Mississaugua, ON

Attack! pet-friendly brand ambassadors headed out to local pet stores throughout Canada to help promote Holistic Select pet food. Energetic in-store demonstrators distributed Holistic Select coupons and brochures to interested pet parents and owners. Brand ambassadors engaged in conversation with shoppers, presenting key product points and answering pet care questions. Owners who were looking to shop for pets with special dietary needs were encouraged to try out Holistic Select, a natural pet food alternative.

Event Staffing: Canada Youth Program



Locations: Belleville, ON; Collingwood, ON; Edmonton, AB; Halifax, NS; Kelowna, BC; Montreal, QB; Muskoka, ON; Owen Sound, ON; Quebec City, QC; Sarnia, ON; Toronto, ON; Winnipeg, MB

Attack! tech savvy promotional brand ambassadors worked at various festivals, concerts and events  throughout Canada to help launch Blackberry’s latest smart device. From June to September, spokesmodels demonstrated the newest capabilities of Blackberry phones to interested young consumers. Brand ambassadors also visited school campuses to spread the word about the newest gadget and invited students to try out the phones.