Improve Communication with Your Clients

From nationwide advertising agencies to world recognized brands, Andrew Loos, CXO of Attack! Marketing, has worked and partnered with countless clients from both worlds. In a recent article for Forbes, Andrew emphasizes that clear communication is the key to working smoothly with other agencies, departments, or CMO′s. In order to pave a clear path for communication, he offers three pieces of advice:

Be informed, and keep your client just as informed,

Don′t be afraid to push back if you have good reason to,

Keep your client updated on what you are doing, especially when you are in the field.

In this article, Three Ways to Improve Your Communication with ClientsAndrew Loos elaborates deeper into each tactic and gives an example of how to apply it to your own experience.

Do you have any other tips to opening a clear channel for communication with clients? Let us know here!


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