Brand Ambassadors and Costumed Characters: Pump the Pressure

pump-up-the-pressure-specialty-staffLocation: Annapolis, MD; Dover, DE

Attack! brand ambassadors and costumed characters visited shopping malls in Annapolis to educate consumers about a simple and easy fix to the problem of weak water pressure. Roaming “costumed” Attack! staff, dressed in robes, distributed flyers and interacted with shoppers. Meanwhile at the main booth the promotional staff spread word about the campaign with a live shower demonstration, a prize wheel with give-aways and TV screens.

Costumed Characters: Mob



Locations: New York, NY

Energetic Attack! brand ambassadors headed out to the busy streets of New York City to help promote’s latest deals. A team of over 30 promotional models were decked out in costumes as they interacted with interested passers. Street teams encouraged consumers to visit the site and posed to take photos with fans of the site.

Costumed Characters: ComicCon “The Event”

Market: San Diego, CA

Attack! promotional brand ambassadors headed down to Southern California’s annual Comic Con to help promote NBC’s newest TV series, “The Event.” For three days, fifteen “Secret Service” brand ambassadors scattered throughout the convention, engaging attendees with “top secret” invitations. Street teams handed out invitations which  included promotional information on “The Event” show times and premiere.

Costumed Characters: Angelina Ballerina

Photo Credit: Life & Style Magazine

Markets: Las Vegas, NV; New York, NY.

Attack! costumed characters visited Las Vegas and NYC to promote children’s musical Angelina Ballerina.  In New York’s Central Park and at WNET Studios in Las Vegas, Angelina Ballerina entertained and promoted the upcoming musical amongst young groups of aspiring dancers.  Angelina was also on-hand to announce the partnership between the character and Katie Holmes’ Dizzy Feet charity at the Licensing International Expo.

Costumed Characters: ActiveVos “Prisoners” at Open World Conference



Location:  San Francisco, CA

At this year’s Open World conference, Attack! street teams took S.F. by storm to promote ActiveVOS, a leading provider of technology solutions, and the company’s sponsored cocktail party.  Eight intimidating brand ambassadors dressed as prisoners to deliver the “freedom from lock-in” messaging to attendees.   The prisoners were a popular bunch, and numerous attendees posed for photos, which were later used as entries for iPod Nano drawings at the party!

Costumed Characters: XBox Squeeballs Promotion




Location: Los Angeles, CA

To promote the release of the Squeeballs video game and new action-activated sensors for XBox, Attack! took to the streets at the LA Convention Center. Brand ambassadors dressed up in life-size Squeeball costumes, handed out promotional flyers, and invited consumers to  line up for a chance to swing a tennis racket at the plush  toys (and take them home afterward!).  The street teams helped to create a fun environment with memorable experiences and lasting positive impressions for all involved. The event spanned three days and generated immeasurable buzz for Squeeball’s October 2009 release by distributing 1,000 plush toys and 1,700 flyers!

Buzz Marketing: Dude, where’s my Bailout Wine?





Location:  San Francisco, CA

Crushpad, a winery in Napa that enables people to make their own luxury-class wines,  recently launched their 2007 Cabernet,   Bailout Wine.  The bottle is priced at $39, but for every 100 point drop in the DOW from the date of purchase to the bottling date in August, Crushpad promises to send customers a $2 economic stimulus check.  Hoping to ease market volatility woes, local Attack! Brand Ambassadors faced the crisp San Francisco holiday breeze in Union Square for five hours wearing nothing but a 50 pound wine barrel.  They distributed flyers, engaged shoppers, amused spectators, and created much needed buzz for Bailout Wine.

Event Marketing: Safeway’s ‘Eating Right’ Steals the Spotlight




Location: San Jose, CA

At this year’s San Jose Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, Attack! promoted Safeway’s health conscious Eating Right brand to increase awareness of the chain’s “Spot Your Needs” dietary program. Attack staff educated consumers on the brand and offered personalized keepsakes for expo attendees by marrying digital photography and “First Place finish” green screen renderings. These extremely popular promo materials were given out in exchange for valuable consumer data. On race day, colorful costumed “Spot” characters lifted runners’ spirits by joining the race at various mile markers, and cheering runners on from the sidelines at the finish line.

Check out this video to get the full experience:

[dailymotion id=x73ixh]

Guerilla Marketing: Vespa- Maybelline Wedding in NYC!


Location: New York City
teamed up with Conde Nast Bridal Media, Maybelline and Vespa for a wedding-themed publicity stunt in Manhattan. A costumed bride and groom cruised the streets of Manhattan on a spankin’ new Vespa scooter, giving out nearly 3,000 samples of Maybelline lipstick and 3,000 promotional postcards. The bride and groom, alongside a bridesmaid and a groomsman, gathered thousands of entries for a sweepstakes to win a 2008 Vespa.


Publicity Stunt: VISA; Bastille Day!


Location: San Francisco

In order to drive traffic to VISA’s new sport-oriented travel website,, Attack! created an authentic rugby experience in downtown S.F.. A branded rugby field, rugby players and costumed brand ambassadors drew passing consumers in with rugby themed competitions and prize giveaways. Over 10,000 flyers were distributed, and website traffic increased by 70% in the week following the event!

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