Out-of-Home Marketing: Neil Young Projections



Locations: New York, NY; Los Angeles, CA

Attack! street teams headed out to the dim lit streets of  New York and Los Angeles to help promote the latest Neil Young Album, Le Noise. Throughout the night, guerrilla projections of Neil Young music videos were displayed on nearby corners and buildings. Local residents were able to enjoy watching the show while listening to Neil’s serenade as they passed by.

SMS Projections: Downtown L.A. Art Walk

Location:  Los Angeles, CA

Attack! teamed up with Mosio, a mobile text messaging software and solutions agency, to pull off a text messaging guerrilla projections stunt in downtown Los Angeles.  Watch the video below to see the user generated banter between Paris Hilton, Mayor Antonio Villaraigossa and Kobe Bryant.  All dialogue was created by L.A. pedestrians and commuters solely through text message interaction.

Guerrilla Projections: New York Red Bulls




Location:  New York City

For five nights,  Attack! ‘s professional guerrilla projectionists visited high traffic locations to project a looping video of Red Bull’s soccer team, the New York Red Bulls.  The projections ran for four hours each night, informing thousands of the upcoming Major League Soccer season-opener and gaining countless brand impressions for both the team and the energy drink.

Learn more about the NY Red Bull marketing campaign.

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