How to Get the Most Out of Your Technical and Creative Staff

As an agency that specializes in both experiential and promotional services, the Attack! Marketing staff are constantly faced with challenges that demand a strong level of coordination between the creative and technical departments. Christian Jurinka, Chief Engagement Officer at Attack! Marketing, has weathered his staff through almost all of these challenges since the agency′s founding in 2001. In a recent article for The Next Web, Christian Jurinka breaks down his experience and gives out advice on finessing between these two key departments. One of the five recommendations Christian gives is to,

″Tell the story, not the task.″

Christian Jurinka illustrates that over-explaining and over-instructing how to accomplish a task not only limits a department′s creativity, but also restricts them to a singular point of view. Instead, if a manager can clearly communicate the goals of a project and the reasoning behind its purpose, both creative and technical departments are able to approach problems from various angles, eventually finding the best and most efficient path or solution. Additionally, giving employees the freedom to take ownership and contribute deeply will spark a stronger personal investment, which will draw the most of their potential. The rest of Christian′s recommendations can be found in his article, How to Manage Technical and Creative People When You′re in-between the Two.

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