Taxslayer tailgates the SEC Conference

Brand Ambassadors hit the road for a SEC mobile tour starting in Texas, headed to the Florida Gator Bowl. Promotional sunglasses, t-shirts, and bottle openers were handed out to generate awareness of the brand and its software.

Attack! setup booths alongside the rally bus outside of stadium parking lots to educate tailgaters on the tax preparation software advantages. People of all ages were able to bring something back and enjoy some good o’l college football.


Journey to the Throne: Brand Ambassadors & Street Teams

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Attack! Brand Ambassadors and partner went to Los Angeles for “Journey to the Throne”!  This promotional consumer activation created a roadie challenge ride & drive. Street marketing teams were designated in high traffic areas where they were able to actively engage with consumers and inform them on the Jeep Brand and their newest models.  They also distributes thousands of promotional collateral!

Jamba Juice Live Fruitfully Blogger Fitness Expo: Brand Ambassadors

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Attack! Brand Ambassadors and fruity Costumed Characters were full of energy and excitement to promote Jamba Juice branding as the leader in Fun, Health, and Wellness! Bloggers were flown in from all around the country to participate in heart-pumping exercises.  Once they touched down they were brought in via party bus and participated in Parkour, Hula Hoop Workouts, and other various workshops, all while learning about how Jamba Juice can contribute to their healthy “fruitful” life.

Canon at Sundance Film Festival: Brand ambassadors

Location: Park City, UT

Attack! Street marketing teams braved the snow to get to the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah to spread the word about Canon and the premiere the final instillation of ‘The Story Beyond the Still’!  These personal Brand Ambassadors interacted with film goers and also gave them brochures and flip books about the latest Canon products.  Brand Ambassadors also passed out keys to anyone willing to participate in the contest for a chance to win a free Canon Camera if they possessed the “lucky key” and were able to unlock the trunk.  We rate these Attack!ers two thumbs up!

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Branded Hotel Keycards: California Academy of Sciences

Location: San Francisco, CA

With the help of Attack! brand ambassadors, the famous California Academy of Sciences (CAS) at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco was able to promote and create buzz around their new summer exhibition. Street teams distributed 40,000 branded hotel key-cards to 40 of the top tourist hotels around the San Francisco area. The brand ambassadors were able to snap some great photos with the affiliated hotel staff and guests proving an effective circulation of the CAS promotional materials.

Street teams: Gunk “It Cleans”

Location: Bristol, TN; Boston, MA; Charlotte, OH; LasVegas, NV; Myrtyle Beach, SC; Pontiac, MI

Attack!’s energetic brand ambassadors hit the streets of five major markets to help the ‘Gunk’ brand create buzz around their line of popular automotive care products. The campaign created a WOW factor by offering complimentary windshield cleanings demonstrating the wonders of using the Gunk products. The ‘Gunk’ street teams specifically raided automobile events, biker events, car shows and high traffic retailer locations to target the audience directly. Flyers with extra information about the product line were also handed out to customers that wanted to learn more.

Experiential Marketing: Ford Farmers Market



Locations: Sacramento, CA; San Francisco, CA; Walnut Creek, CA

Attack!’s promotional brand ambassadors attended busy NorCal farmers markets to help promote the newest line of Ford pick-up trucks and vehicles. Friendly event talent interacted with farmer market guests and allowed visitors to have a first-hand look at the 2010 Ford truck. Passersby were given flyers with sales event information and contact addresses to their local Ford dealers.

Street Team Stealth Distribution: Batman Arkham Asylum

Locations: Orlando, FL; Daytona Beach, FL; Melbourne, FL; Sacramento, CA; Stockton, CA; Modesto, CA; Denver, Co; Miami, FL; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Phoenix, AZ; Cleveland, OH; Minneapolis, MN; St. Paul, MN; Tampa, FL; St. Petersburg, FL; Sarasota, FL; Seattle, WA; Tacoma, WA; Houston, TX; Detroit, MI; Atlanta, GA; Washington D.C., WA; Dallas, TX; Fort Worth, VA; Boston, MA; San Francisco, CA; San Jose, CA; Philadelphia, PA; Chicago, IL; New York, NY; Los Angeles, CA

To increase excitement for the new release of Batman: Arkham Asylum, Attack! Street Teams hid Security Access Cards in select locations. The 20 city stealth distribution targeted gamer hang out’s such as comic-book shops, gaming retailers, and college campuses. Each of the 18,000 Security Cards distributed led gamers to a secret website that allowed exclusive access to the game. Batman: Arkham Asylum sold 593,000 units in the first 4 days of sale.

Costumed Characters: ActiveVos “Prisoners” at Open World Conference



Location:  San Francisco, CA

At this year’s Open World conference, Attack! street teams took S.F. by storm to promote ActiveVOS, a leading provider of technology solutions, and the company’s sponsored cocktail party.  Eight intimidating brand ambassadors dressed as prisoners to deliver the “freedom from lock-in” messaging to attendees.   The prisoners were a popular bunch, and numerous attendees posed for photos, which were later used as entries for iPod Nano drawings at the party!

Guerrilla Marketing: Tony Hawk T-Mobile Sidekick




Locations: New York, Houston, Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Chicago, St. Louis, Denver, Seattle, Irvine, Mountain View and San Diego

To increase consumer demand for the new Tony Hawk Sidekick, Attack! sent street teams into 14 cities across the country. In each city, the teams spent four days canvassing malls, skateparks, skate shops and other high-traffic locations with promotional materials advertising T-Mobile in-store events. In total, over 20,000 posters and flyers were distributed. Following the in-store event, the all-star street teams headed to Tony Hawk’s “Boom Boom HuckJam”, a T-Mobile sponsored action sports tour. Brand ambassadors engaged consumers with skate-themed games and giveaways, creating a fun environment where they delivered key product and brand messages.