Nightlife Promotional Models: Labatt Blue Light Beer


Locations: Detroit, MI; Saratoga, NY; Pittsburgh, PA; Syracuse, NY; Columbus, OH; Buffalo, NY; Rochester, NY; Cleveland, OH

Attack! promotional brand ambassadors headed out to popular bars to help promote Labatt’s Canadian Light Beer. Nightlife ambassadors were decked out in matching electric blue outfits and helped distribute samples of the newest beer to interested consumers. Branded flyers and giveaways were also passed out during the night to help spread the word amongst local bar hoppers.

Event Marketing: Spot Events Smart Device

Markets: Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; New York City, NY; San Francisco, CA

Tech savvy Attack! brand ambassadors attended a series of events supporting the launch of a new smart  mobile device, The Kin. Promotional spokesmodels interacted with nightlife audiences and gave complete mobile demonstrations. Event attendees were also encouraged to test out the mobile unit  to have a first-hand experience with the new product.