Guerrilla Marketing and Premium Sampling: Popchips at Nike’s Human Race

PopChips-Marketing-in-Los Angeles


Location: Los Angeles, CA

The thousands that gathered at Nike’s Human Race this year were treated to a visit by the increasingly renowned popchips street team. Attack! gathered L.A.’s best and brightest to represent popchips at the world famous race. Racers were treated to a pre-race show that featured some of the area’s best “pop ‘n’ lockers”. All dancers wore popchips attire and performed alongside a team of energetic staff distributing bags of the product to hungry racers, both pre and post event. Take a peek at the video below to see a truly innovative and wildly successful sampling program.

[dailymotion id=x73iyt]

Publicity Stunt: Nike Windrunner



Location: Hollywood, CA

This September Attack! helped to promote Nike as they hosted a world premiere movie night to celebrate their renowned Windrunner jacket. Humorous short films, all featuring the Windrunner as a central character or plot point, were shown to the gathered crowd of hipsters, ballers, movers and shakers. Attack’s costumed Windrunner character engaged with movie goers as they mingled over drinks and a live DJ set before and after the premiere, keeping the soiree spirit alive throughout the event.