Jewelista: Street Teams

Locations: Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; Dallas, TX; Orange County, CA

The unique online jewelry store, Jewelista enlisted in Attack! street marketing teams to increase brand awareness while driving traffic to the brand’s website. Brand ambassadors distributed branded discount cards in the high-traffic areas of four major markets and engaged consumers with information about Jewelista’s product offering. Attack!’s personable brand ambassadors were even able to interest Terrance Howard!

Monster Savings: Street Team & Costumed Character

Location: Union Square, New York City

Attack! brand ambassadors and a cuddly green costumed monster hit the busy streets of Union Square in New York to help Monster Savings raise awareness and capture more commercial customers.

Street marketing teams got the message out by distributing tote bags filled with goodies including; gift cards and flyers on ways to get started with Monster Savings. With the help of the very approachable green monster, conversations were initiated and dozens of passersby stopped for a cheeky  hug and a fantastic photo opportunity.

Brand Ambassadors: Target PFresh

Locations: Austin, TX; Chicago, IL;  Seattle, WA; Washington DC

Attack! brand ambassadors promoted PFresh with a mobile food truck that was shaped as a larger-than-life, overflowing grocery bag. The wrapped vehicle generated consumer excitement and word-of-mouth buzz around the remodeled Target PFresh stores which have launched in four major markets.  Brand ambassadors handed out farmer’s market bags featuring samples of the retailer’s new produce products and complimentary recipe cards. Attack! street teams interacted with excited consumers distributing promotional flyers and coupons while celebrity chef, Giada Delaurentiis, spoke about her new merchandise line for Target.

Brand Ambassadors: Ride the Ducks

Location: San Francisco, CA

Attack! street teams hit the busy streets of San Francisco to reinvigorate awareness around Ride the Ducks’ unique amphibious landing craft tours of the city. Proudly flying branded balloons and dancing through the city, Attack!’s energetic brand ambassadors and a lively costumed character of the city-tour group’s mascot, Splash grabbed both locals’ and tourists’ attention. The teams distributed promotional flyers and coupons while offering interested audiences details on Ride the Ducks’ services!

Buzz Marketing: Santa Monica Place Runners



Location: Santa Monica, CA

Attack!’s active brand ambassadors headed out to a popular outdoor staircase in Santa Monica to help promote the grand opening of the Santa Monica Place Mall. Promotional brand ambassadors ran up and down the stairs with local exercise enthusiasts distributing water and notifying passersby about the new mall. Promotional flyers were distributed to help create positive buzz and spread information about the new mall.