Holiday Sampling: Safeway’s O Organics



Location:  San Francisco, CA

Attack! was out this holiday season in full force to remind hungry shoppers and sweet-tooth aficionados of healthy snack alternatives.  Knowledgeable and energetic staff set up shop at the Embarcadero Ice Rink,  sampling O Organics products for two consecutive weekends.  Attack teams raised awareness and built interest and excitement for the line of organic food by distributing 4,000  brownies, 2,000 mini boxes of raisins, 4,000 juice pouches, and an infinite amount of seasonal cheer!

Event Marketing: Safeway’s ‘Eating Right’ Steals the Spotlight




Location: San Jose, CA

At this year’s San Jose Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, Attack! promoted Safeway’s health conscious Eating Right brand to increase awareness of the chain’s “Spot Your Needs” dietary program. Attack staff educated consumers on the brand and offered personalized keepsakes for expo attendees by marrying digital photography and “First Place finish” green screen renderings. These extremely popular promo materials were given out in exchange for valuable consumer data. On race day, colorful costumed “Spot” characters lifted runners’ spirits by joining the race at various mile markers, and cheering runners on from the sidelines at the finish line.

Check out this video to get the full experience:

[dailymotion id=x73ixh]