Corporate Advertising: Product (RED) and Windows Vista in S.F.

Location: San Francisco, California (Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival, The Castro District, Union Square and Fisherman’s Wharf)

Windows Vista and Dell Computers partnered with Product (RED) to bring a socially conscious new laptop to the market. To educate consumers on the product and program (which donates a portion of their proceeds to the Global Fund), Attack! staff were sent out into the streets of San Francisco for a four day program of engaging flyering. The staff went beyond your typical touch-and- go flyering methods, and instead interacted with city-goers in a way that left a lasting impression. Brand ambassadors received training prior to execution, and were able to effectively communicate key speaking points on the product. To compliment the flyering, a guerilla projection van projected info on the program onto various high visibility walls in the city. In total, over 15,000 flyers were distributed!

Publicity Stunt: ZIG. ZAG. ZUG.

Mini-Cooper-Street-Teams-Doing-Publicity-Stunt Mini-Cooper-Street-Teams-Handing-Out-Flyers

Locations: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Miami

Attack! stage the ambient introduction of MINI Cooper‘s newest family member, the ‘Clubman,’ with a nontraditional project that generated relevant buzz and excitement surrounding the vehicle. In each city professional drivers drove three different MINI models in formation through high-impact urban areas. Attack drivers also served as brand ambassadors, handing out branded products, 500 spec sheets, and over 1,000 ‘Clubman’ focus books.

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Guerrilla & Street Sampling: Nestle Waters


Locations: Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix

Nestle Waters had 30,000 cases of their new Pure Life Water, but no clear strategy for distribution. Attack! devised a street-level sampling program to distribute the product to the awaiting consumer public. In total, 720,000 bottles were distributed alongside 250,000 coupons!

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Publicity Stunt: VISA; Bastille Day!


Location: San Francisco

In order to drive traffic to VISA’s new sport-oriented travel website,, Attack! created an authentic rugby experience in downtown S.F.. A branded rugby field, rugby players and costumed brand ambassadors drew passing consumers in with rugby themed competitions and prize giveaways. Over 10,000 flyers were distributed, and website traffic increased by 70% in the week following the event!

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