Brand Ambassadors: Macy’s Great American Elf Adventure


Locations: New York, NY; Jackson, MS; Los Angeles, CA; Omaha, NE; Detroit, MI; Little Rock, AR; Greenville, SC; DeMoines, IA; El Paso, TX; Anchorage, AK

This year will mark the 85th anniversary of Macy’s annual Thanksgiving Day Parade and with the help of Attack! brand ambassadors and SMILE (social media in live events) the iconic retailer has given its fans a chance to design the next Macy’s Parade Elf Balloon. Street events consisting of mobile billboards, street teams and Macy’s “Décor Stations”  were used in high-traffic areas to spread awareness about the online contest.

With their savvy experiential marketing skills, Attack!’s brand ambassadors fostered an environment of creativity and excitement throughout the nation. They evoked the inner-artist in passersby by providing Macy’s branded supplies for participants to design their very own contribution to the contest!

Social Media In Live Events: EvriThing Baseball

Location: San Francisco, CA (Pete’s Tavern)

With the help of Attack! brand ambassadors and SMILE (social media in live events), Evri was able to cause a stir at Pete’s Tavern in San Francisco for the launch of their new iPhone and Android application, EvriThing baseball. The venue was conveniently located across the road from AT&T Park , home to thousands of die-hard baseball supporters. The brand ambassadors made easy work of giving away free beer with every download of the application. Branded T-shirts and flyers with QR codes directed frenzied guests straight to the application resulting in hundreds of downloads and an instant following. What’s not love  for baseball fans, an application that gives you the latest news, scores and updates for all things baseball!