We pour a little Licor — via brand ambassador activation

Markets: Santa Barbara, CA; Denver, CO; Miami, FL; Chicago, IL; Detroit, MI; Minneapolis, MN; New Brunswick, NJ; Buffalo, NY; Cincinnati, OH; Philadelphia, PA; Austin, TX; Madison, WI

Attack! splashed into bars and clubs all across the country to launch the popular Spanish spirit Licour 43.  A sweet, light-bodied yellow liquor that’s enormously popular elsewhere, its heritage actually dates back to the days of the Roman Empire, and we leveraged that heritage as part of the brand story we articulated as part of the sampling engagement.

Attack! contemporized the brand for American audiences by deploying brand ambassadors using iPads, branded event apparel and more to get the product in front of patrons, and drive on-prem and off-prem trial.  Our brand ambassadors and the targeted venues were carefully chosen to provide the right lifestyle matchups, and give Licour 43 the right kind of brand-appropriate exposure with the right segment.

Jamba Juice Live Fruitfully Blogger Fitness Expo: Brand Ambassadors

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Attack! Brand Ambassadors and fruity Costumed Characters were full of energy and excitement to promote Jamba Juice branding as the leader in Fun, Health, and Wellness! Bloggers were flown in from all around the country to participate in heart-pumping exercises.  Once they touched down they were brought in via party bus and participated in Parkour, Hula Hoop Workouts, and other various workshops, all while learning about how Jamba Juice can contribute to their healthy “fruitful” life.

Betsey Johnson: Brand Ambassadors

Location: New York City, NY

Attack! brand ambassadors set out to NYC to foster excitement and support a special in-store event featuring the renowned fashion designer Betsey Johnson.  Brand ambassadors clad in head-to-toe Betsey Johnson designs visited nearby high-traffic locations for street marketing to pass out branded flyers promoting the event. The team was able to drive awareness around the event with their unique look and exuberant presence alone!

Super Mario 3D Land: Flash Mob

Location: Atlanta, GA; Austin, TX; Chicago, IL; New York City, NY; San Diego, CA

Over 90 Attack! brand ambassadors executed choreographed flash mobs over 5 major markets across the nation in an effort to help promote the launch of Nintendo’s new video game, Super Mario 3D Land.

The highly energetic team of Super Marios broke out into dance to the nostalgic tunes of the game, helping to bring out the inner child within the locals. The promotion helped to generate plenty of media hype especially from local television stations including NBC Chicago.

For those who were interested in learning more about the transformation of the childhood classic, branded flyers with extra information were distributed.

Brand Ambassadors and Costumed Characters: Pump the Pressure

pump-up-the-pressure-specialty-staffLocation: Annapolis, MD; Dover, DE

Attack! brand ambassadors and costumed characters visited shopping malls in Annapolis to educate consumers about a simple and easy fix to the problem of weak water pressure. Roaming “costumed” Attack! staff, dressed in robes, distributed flyers and interacted with shoppers. Meanwhile at the main booth the promotional staff spread word about the campaign with a live shower demonstration, a prize wheel with give-aways and TV screens.

Promotional Models: TOMMY Street Teams


Tommy-Hilfiger-Brand-Ambassadors-Sampling-CouponsLocations: White Plains, NY; New York, NY; Georgetown, DC;

Attack! promotional models headed to local Tommy Hilfiger stores located in popular mall destinations to help promote the newest TOMMY clothing line. Energetic brand ambassadors interacted with shoppers, encouraging them to learn about the new line. Promotional spokesmodels dressed in TOMMY gear distributed the Zine, a miniature magazine featuring TOMMY products and lifestyles. Promotional coupons were also attached to each Zine for shoppers to enjoy!

Outdoor Event Marketing: Pepto Fourth of July


Location: New York, NY

During the Fourth of July, Attack! brand ambassadors headed to New York to attend the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable spokesmodels helped promote Pepto Bismol products at the event. A giant hot dog contest illustration with head cut-outs was placed at the center of the Pepto Bismol booth. Brand ambassadors encouraged event attendees to take photos with the cut-out and distributed Pepto thunder sticks to help pump-up the crowd for the competition.

Event Marketing: State Farm 2010


Locations: Omaha, NE

Attack! event brand ambassadors attended the Omaha-Maha Music Festival in Nebraska to help promote State Farm’s 2010 Insurance campaign. Trained promotional spokesmodels interacted with festival guests and informed attendees about the benefits of State Farm programs. Branded t-shirts with different State Farm slogans such as, “I’m no accident,” were distributed along with informational flyers.

Tour Management: Ford Warriors in Pink

Markets: Sacramento, CA, Peoria, IL, Richmond VA, Boise, ID, Atlanta GA, Tyler, TX, Ottumwa, IA, Salt Lake City, UT, Minneapolis, MN, Philadelphia, PA, Pittsburg, PA, Sioux City, IA, Syracuse, NY, Columbus, OH, Helena, MT, Kalamazoo, MI, Elmira NY

Attack!’s professional brand ambassadors and managers were sent out into the field to help promote Ford’s Warriors in Pink National tour. Stationed around multimedia centers filled with Ford products and services, promotional spokesmodels interacted with event attendees and engaged in great conversations about the newest ford vehicles. The tour will be continuing until early Winter in November 2010.

Event Marketing: Spot Events Smart Device

Markets: Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; New York City, NY; San Francisco, CA

Tech savvy Attack! brand ambassadors attended a series of events supporting the launch of a new smart  mobile device, The Kin. Promotional spokesmodels interacted with nightlife audiences and gave complete mobile demonstrations. Event attendees were also encouraged to test out the mobile unit  to have a first-hand experience with the new product.