Wearable Media: Wii for Kaiser Permanente

Location: Honolulu, HI

Brand ambassadors outfitted in wearable media units visited high traffic locations in Hawaii this month, interacting with consumers to share information on Kaiser Permanente’s health care offerings. At a busy University of Hawaii football game and at popular Ala Moana Mall, teams wearing the units invited passers-by to play one of the many active and fun Wii Fit games streaming on their screens. Energetic and personable brand ambassadors shared Kaiser branded premiums, as well as brand messaging, throughout the promotion, and had a curious crowd surrounding them at all times!

Retail Marketing: Back-to-School at Skechers


Locations: Seattle, Dallas, Reno and Honolulu

To drive back-to-school shoppers into key Skecher’s retail stores, Attack! sent energetic brand ambassadors into high traffic shopping centers. Ambassadors were outfitted with Pixmen technology, a wearable media that displayed an LCD screen playing Skechers commercials. Over 6,000 coupons were distributed and received a 30-40% redemption rate!